Discussing the Numbers


In 2003 a Wall Street tech investment banker, a public tech company founder and CFO, and a public tech company CEO and former head of sales, all “quit their day jobs” to take advantage of the opportunities they saw to privately finance technology and other companies in the aftermath of the bursting of the “tech bubble” of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.  This was the beginning of RSR Finance.

Since that time, we have invested primarily in early to mid-stage companies across multiple industries, with a particular focus on technology, equipment leasing, and manufacturing.   Our primary differentiators are:

  1. We are not a fund - we are investing our own money.

  2. We have no pre-defined constraints on how we structure our investments.

  3. We bring expertise in finance, technology, operations, manufacturing and sales.

  4. We have funded initial start-ups and acquired existing operating businesses, and invested at all stages in between.

As a result we have the experience, willingness and ability to invest through flexible and creative financing structures that are tailored to meet unique individual company situations better than many traditional sources of funding, such as venture capital, private equity, bank lending, or mezzanine financing.